Hello, world.

My name is Jon Sangster. I’m a computer programmer by trade, but I enjoy taking photos as a hobby. This website isn’t meant to be any kind of portfolio; I simply don’t use any social media sites and still need some way to spam my family and friends with pics.

I currently work in a pet-friendly office (Spark RE) in downtown Vancouver, so most of my photos are of my coworker’s awesome dogs and cats.


This website was made with the following tools and resources:

A static website generator.
A utility to generate Hugo pages from org-mode.
A Hugo theme, by Radosław Kozieł.
An open source photography workflow application and raw developer. The only app I use for editing photos.
The JavaScript image-viewer used on image pages.

Privacy Policy

Although most of the photos on this site feature animals, humans do make a few appearances. If there are any photos of you which you don’t like, let me know and I’ll remove them. No judgement—I don’t like being in photos either.